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Auto vin error

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    2021-07-29 00:47:32
    I can't auto read vin when I connect my Autel MaxiDas DS808 can anyone help with that

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    2021-07-31 21:01:16 (Reply to:)

     I appear to have the same issue on a new MK808BT (with all updates applied Inc VCI). Additionally manual vin update fails to decode.

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    2022-06-06 21:49:26 (Reply to:)

    Were you able to fix this issue? I'm stuck with the am issue

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    peter ramm

    2022-06-12 07:16:19 (Reply to:BasilFinlay)

    ....and I thought it is only me (or rather my device). Just bought the same device a few
    days ago on ebay. Did you hear of any solutions?

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    2022-07-03 07:21:47 (Reply to:)

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