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used dodge win module

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    Raymond Pitchford
    2022-06-11 00:19:50
     Good day all

       Im trying out my 608 PRO for the first time.  
      I have installed a used win module on my 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan. I got the pin ok and installed it but the security light is on. I watched a few YouTube videos and didn't seem to get the light out.  It starts fine now but Im sure the security light  being on is not good. Can anybody help me get this sorted out.
    I've had a bad win module in the van for several months and have been unplugging it to shut the van down. And now that it is warm out I can finally sort it out with your help I hope..


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    2022-06-11 21:37:51 (Reply to:Raymond Pitchford)

     you will probably have to replace the keys as they will no be coded to the immobilizer cause of the change of the win module

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    Raymond Pitchford
    2022-06-11 23:41:20 (Reply to:tflander)
     Thanks for the reply

       I followed the videos I saw on you tube and when I went out this afternoon to retry the Red light was out.  Im guessing that the system  needed to reboot.  I havent given it a good drive yet but it seems fine.  The key that came with the used win module is the one Im using now. None of the buttons work on it, is it possible to program them to work or do I have to buy new keys and try to program them or can I program the old spares I have to fit the win module that is working? 
       I will say this is a learning experience with this kind of scanner

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     Sorry for the delay in returning.  It all seems fine now. I thought I would check the battery on the fob to see if it was weak and when I opened it there was no battery at all, good reason for the buttons to not work...hehehe  

       I have several keys from previous vans and my old win module and was wondering if  it were possible to program them to work with the new win?  Im hesitant to mess around too much as this is the only vehicle I have to get to work and dont want to strand myself by doing something wrong.. Living in the country is great till you find that if you mess up your stick miles from help.

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    Kevin H

    2022-08-04 15:39:12 (Reply to:Raymond Pitchford)

     Do it the right way, purchase new WIN from the dealer. Theft parts should not to be transfered from car to car.
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