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Battery charging / won't turn off

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    2020-03-05 15:32:58
     Just upgraded to 5.59. Can't get the unit to turn off while charging and battery level will not change from what appears to be empty. Tried charging overnight with AC charger. Stayed on all the time and did not go off. Tried short and long press on power button but will not turn off. Same issue with usb charging. Is this a bug? I thought it would go off if the power button was pressed before...

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    2020-03-05 17:51:19 (Reply to:FMinMI)

     when I charge  my ts401  the screen stays on.  always has

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    2020-03-05 21:52:50 (Reply to:RLAFFECT)
     I thought I could turn it off on previous software versions. And the fact that even over night no bars show on the battery concerns me...

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    2020-05-26 19:22:47

     I had the same effect with 5.55 too, 2 or 3 times.
    Connecting with the usb, press on/off for a Long time twice,....
    I dont know what was helpful, because after 15min a did the same steps again and it switched of.

    I think is not a bug of 5.59, it´s a bug of the tool himself.

    afterwards i upgraded to 5.59.

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    2021-07-31 04:29:17 (Reply to:FMinMI)

     My 401 does the same thing---Once you plug the charger in, the unit turns on and stays on.
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