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2013 Toyota Camry SE

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    MichaelDe La Cruz
    2021-07-23 22:16:23
     Ok, so I know this will be user error and probably get greif from the community, but I honostly dont mean harm, but need help.  This car does NOT have the TPMS reset button under the dash

    Camry had no TPMS issue at all.  One day, dash light went off and friend diagnosed rear right with his tool as "no sensor found".  I bought a new sensor and he put it in and never got around to programming it.  long here I am with a Camry, 4 sensors and a MaxiTPMS 408.

    I power the unit on and go around and id the sensors, all 4 come up just fine.  As follows:

    Toyota Camry 10/2011-12/2019(C010 315MHz)
    FL 212 ID038EDEF 34c
    FR 180 0392D2F 39c
    RR 202 266C39E 40c
    LR 212 03930F0 35c

    and the tool asks me to scan to spare......I try and its not a TPMS tire, its a donut.  A full spare would not fit in this trunk.  Im confused what to do so that the TPMS light turns off with the new Right Rear (RR) sensor.  I cannot get the tool to continue to do anything.
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