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MaxiTPMS 508WF battery not charging

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    Ladd Morse
    2022-05-07 13:42:42
     I received delivery of a new MaxiTPMS TS508WF yesterday here in the U.S. and have had it charging from the included wall plug for about 18 hours. When it is disconnected from wall power the battery icon in the upper right corner of the screen continues to show the white "no charge"; it doesn't show the green "full charge" as shown when connected to wall power.

    One additional note that may or may not be related: when plugged into wall power to (theoretically) charge the battery, I am unable to turn of the TS508WF so the screen is always lit up. Holding the power button down does not turn off the device as it does when it is NOT connected to wall power.

    Other than a bad battery in a new device, what else might be going on?

    I have been able to update the 508WF to the latest firmware/software wirelessly. Attempting to update again returns an "device is up to date" message.

    From the devices "About" screen:
       System software version: V107
       Hardware version: V100
       Sensor version: V6.29
       Vehicle version:V184
       Manufacture date: 07/22/2021

    From my account on the Autel web site:
       TS508 V1.84 2022-03-04

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    Ladd Morse
    2022-05-10 21:07:39 (Reply to:Ladd Morse)
     I have finally received an email from Autel Support and they say that the battery charging icon in the upper right corner is green when charging via USB, white when fully charged (and disconnected from USB) and white/blue when indicating less than fully charged. This is my first Autel device, so I guess it must be true.

    Any confirmation from other folks that this is how the battery charge icon works?

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    2022-05-12 04:34:21 (Reply to:Ladd Morse)

    I have AUTEL TS501. Indeed, the battery indicator works that way. Fully charged - white, as the discharge - blue.

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    Ladd Morse
    2022-05-13 14:29:30 (Reply to:Maxim)
     Thanks for the confirmation.
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