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Problems with Email service setup.

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    2016-10-25 12:19:21
    I can not get the Email serivce to funciton. I tried setting up pop mail and or IMAP and neither work. I have a Maxisys Elite. I am using a gmail account. When I tried to set it up it say incorrect password or username. Thanks for any input

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    2020-01-27 15:27:37 (Reply to:JansenTech)

     I have the same problem. Apparently many more have the same problem.
    Today is 27 Jan 2020.

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    2020-01-31 00:48:56 (Reply to:jnstawn)

     Set up only work with the name and email address of who the tool was initially registered with. You need to be within the update subscription and call Autel support with Serial number and register password to ask them to register the tool in your name or edit the email address associated with your account. You may be instructed to do a factory reset to device afterwards providing you are still within update period.

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    2020-04-11 18:17:44 (Reply to:JansenTech)

    Hi I had some problems but I found out no support gmail use hotmail

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    2020-10-03 03:53:21 (Reply to:JansenTech)

    You have yo turn off the new security restrictions in your GOOGLE account to emails.

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    2022-06-09 15:56:41 (Reply to:Titang9)

     Any more details on what the correct google setting are?  I followed the link to the blog, but even that page is now out of date as Google changed their security again.

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    2022-09-28 12:32:38 (Reply to:Titang9)

    Hello, please advise the procedure to do so. Thnaks

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    2022-12-08 19:47:46

    Change settings Outgoing mail (Smtp) then it will be ok.
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