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Bottom Taskbar Not Working MS906BT

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    2020-08-29 08:21:54
    I have a problem with my ms906bt, my bottom navigation menu seems to be not working and unresponsive (bottom bar). My question is does anyone know if this is a hardware or software issue. If hardware, can the digitizer touch screen just be swapped out or does the new touch screen have to be reprogrammed. Scanner has never been abused or dropped, always taken good care of. Every other part of the screen works great. Not sure why something like this would happen.

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    2024-01-11 23:42:28 (Reply to:)

     I have the same problem on my MS906.  Did you ever figure out a solution to this issue?  Like yours, mine was always treated delicately (just a hobbyist mechanic not a real shop).  The rest of the screen works fine on mine too.  Thanks!

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    2024-05-22 03:05:11 (Reply to:JohnNH)

    There may be a problem in tne screen, but to be one hundred percent sure, connect a
    computer mouse via USB and swich how you work with a desktop computer, and if
    everything works then you need to replace the touch screen . I had this problem :-)
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