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Wifi disconnects

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    2021-06-21 16:57:30
     Is anyone else having issues with the Maxisys Ultra dropping Wifi connection (internet)?  Mine does daily but will reconnect once prompted in Wifi settings.  Very annoying but does not affect functionality.

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    2021-09-22 14:53:14 (Reply to:4x4doug)

     Same issue here autel advised to send in for warranty repair.

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    2021-10-06 06:24:47

    Same here.

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    salim safran

    2023-04-13 02:07:24

      Just ordered latest one ultra ev also i have this problem, any fix, only happens when trying to program but when updates wifi is fine

    Update today to make it work and connect to autel server to finally do the programming

    in short modify to 

    static not dynamic  htcp
    dna1 to 8,8,8,8
    dns2 to
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