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Maxi Sys Elites are being discontinued from Production!

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    2021-08-25 13:56:49
     My Maxi Sys Elite I bought nearly 2 years ago , it's update period be ending soon , so I just sold it off Ebay while the getting is good to obtain proceeds toward for obtaining a brand  new replacement with another 2 years of updates included for less cost than keeping my 2 year old unit and buying another 2 years of updates for it.
     I considered a MaxiSys Ultra , but it's still way too expensive for my cheapazz budget and the VCMI is so bulky. The nice little VCI-100 is not offered as included with it,(or even compatible as far as I know). It only comes with one year of updates, and Updates for it  presently list out around $1600. Besides that I bought a MP408 MaxiScope a year ago that I use off  my Maxi Sys Elite or can use off my Laptop PC with the bigger screen size.
      I did consider getting a MS 909 that offers the bigger 128GB memory versus 64 GB memory, Twin Processors versus single processor,   newer Android 7.0 versus Android 4.42, has Topography, offers some guided diagnostics, but it doesn't support my MP408 Maxi Scope or the small illuminated VCI 100,
      The MS909, like the MS908P,  has no docking station and only includes 1year of updates.
    I wish I could be excited about receiving latest top of the line Flagship tool, but common sense and budget constraints tell me a new clearance priced Elite will get me by for the next few years for dealing with coming SGM Chrysler Turds, BMWs, and Benz crap coding BS you need a current update for , so I guess I'll get by with a new same o same o, till the new Ultra prices drop like a rock , and come with 2 years of updates and a little illuminated VCI:-))

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    2023-03-07 01:42:26

      good luck in trying to keep up with the rate these system are evolving in these vehicles. manufacturers are already starting to retain their service information and not allowing it to be distributed. obd 2 mandate solved this problem but now obd2 is going to be old news. in five years we will be laughing at the obd2 technology like we have been laughing at obd1 for the last decade or two. 
    I guess the manufacturers think they can provide repair services for all the junk they sell to us. YES, IT IS JUNK TOO!!  and we love them for it. go to any new car dealership for a warranty repair of any kind and you will be leaving your car there all week. and it's a 40% chance it will be repaired properly. until this industry is willing to pay better wages to mechanics there will be a dire need for service repair professionals. until they do that you will have nothing more than glorified lube guys performing warranty repairs.  it's sad, with a bigger processor and more memory comes bigger updates. so thst extra performance you pay out the wazoo for gets ate up immediatly. your scanner will still work without updates. just make a back or two so you will have a way to recover and keep using it. I still have an old snap on modis that was last updated in 2004 and it works still. now it won't do most European past then but it will still read, erase and perform some basic relearns up to 2014 on 90% of domestic. everything else tell to take it to the dealer. let them fumble around with their junk. they can't even fix it. 
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