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After updating MS919 having issues getting it to turn on.

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    2021-10-30 18:20:28
    As the title saying I'm having issues turning on my MS919 now after doing a update. I literally used it before the update and booted up fast as usual. Now I'm having the issue of getting it to turn on, it takes time playing with the power button, long presses or short presses, sometimes its taking me 15-30 min to finally get it started.

    When i connect it to a charger it is not showing its charging but if i play with the power button for a bit the yellow light for charging comes on and the logo screen showing the battery charging. If i hold it the light turns off but the screen stays black. Then repeat the cycle sometimes it'll finally boot.

    I've done factory resets to no avail, is there a way to do a hard reset to erase everything like when i first got it and put my autel ID in?

    I know its not a hardware issues because it was literally working perfectly before the recent update, Build ID 2021-10-18 14:53-1.85.02

    Also need some instructions on how to make a backup so if this happens again i can roll back the update because i can't find any firmware or software on the main site to roll it back
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