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Bought a Elite 2, now problems.

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    2023-03-24 04:49:58
     I bought a new elite 2 some week ago, at a webstore. 

    It was bought with a 2 year free update according to ad, and seller.
    And its bought with possibility to change the language.

    When I registered it, its actually one year free update, not two.
    And its locked for changing the language.

    So I understand I need to contact seller to get the changes done.
    From one to two years, and the language unlocking.
    Now the webstore is impossible to get into contact with, for some reason.
    Ive mailed a few times to get some lifesign, but no answer.
    I Tried their chat, but no answer.
    I dont know the reason for it though.

    How do I proceed?

    The webstore is still open, and I still get email ads from it..
    Somebody who knows?

    The webstore is
    Im located in Sweden.
    / Thommy

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    2023-03-28 05:43:07 (Reply to:)
     To reply to my self..
    After a lot of mail, and a lot of patience, its corrected.
    Its now in my preferred language, and now 2 years updates.

    This kind of problems could EASY be avoided if the seller tried to communicate at the buy, and sent along info,  instead of being quiet. Forcing buyers to chase the seller...

    Well... Case closed./ Thommy

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    2023-04-04 16:14:13 (Reply to:)

     Did you check to make sure the autel retailer you bought it from  is an authorized retailer in your geographic area that you can expect to get support in your language and any needed warranty repairs done in your geographic area?
     The Serial numbers of the devices of your device must be listed a unit sold by an authorized dealer of your area to expect support in your Geographic area.
      The first thing I did here in USA out of box before connecting any unit to the internet is to run the serial numbers past support to be sure units  qualifies for in the USA warranty support, and that it was never ever registered before and returned , so I can expect to get the full update period. 
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