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Waiting for vehicle to respond and nothing happens

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    2014-06-11 13:37:10
     I have a MaxiScan MS309 and I'm trying to read the codes on my 04 Mazda3. Everything starts fine I get to the Read Codes screen and it just stops at "CAN ABDII" and there is no progress after that. Just keeps saying waiting for Vehicle to respond.

    How long should this take? Manual says a few seconds and I've left it in for several minutes.

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    2014-06-11 17:02:45 (Reply to:Mattc)

     You did remember to switch the ignition on?

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    2014-06-11 18:02:57 (Reply to:wingnut)
     Yes ignition turned on and nothing happens.

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    2014-06-12 07:41:00 (Reply to:wingnut)
     I tried the scanner in other cars and it works, so I know the unit works and I'm following the correct steps. 

    Don't understand why it does not work with my 2004 Mazda 3 2.3L...

    Very misleading descriptions from Autel: "specially designed to work with all OBD II compliant vehicles"

    Will be returning and purchasing a different brand if I cant get any customer support from Autel

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    2014-06-12 19:09:23 (Reply to:Mattc)

     Have you tried another scan tool? Maybe its the car not the tool thats the problem. You said it works on other cars right. Try that first before assuming the tool is the problem!

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    2014-06-13 06:38:52 (Reply to:JB)
     as I said the Maxiscan worked in another vehicle fine so I know the unit is working and not broken and I know I'm following the correct steps to hook it up.

    Why not in my 04 Mazda then? What could be wrong with the mazda? I think if the CPU was dead I'd be having some very noticeable issues with the vehicle, right or no?.

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    2014-06-13 08:43:47 (Reply to:Mattc)


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    2020-09-01 04:49:44 (Reply to:Mattc)

     where did you buy it it's probably a fake copy

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    2020-09-02 02:05:51 (Reply to:Axerat)

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