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Maxiscan ms300: after ISO9141, get

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    2013-09-24 15:03:37
     The maxiscan plug seems to fit the vehicle connector loosely. The slightest pressure up or down will break contact. I follow the instructions, turn on ignition, press enter, it shows Scan KWP 2000 etc., and ISO9141, then "Link Error". The manual says "...there may be problems for the Scan Tool to communicate with the vehicle" What does that mean?  

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    Autel Support

    2013-09-25 01:42:07 (Reply to:Fitster)

     As per your description, the connector is pretty loose . Even the slightest pressure will break the contact. .That can explain the "link error" message.

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    2021-01-02 20:56:46 (Reply to:Autel Support)

     Same problem on a 2009 Honda Accord. I have a MS300 model. My mechanic can read it with his scanner. Anyway that I can make it tighter?
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