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BMW E90 DME and used CAS alignment

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    2017-01-11 10:46:00
     Hi guys. 

    I am battling to do CAS and DME alignment on an E90. The CAS was replaced by a used CAS from a donor vehicle. CAS had water damage on it

    My local support said there is another cable that I need to get that I now ordered.

    I have done an E60 recently with no issues also with a used CAS.

    Can someone please verify the new cable story and maybe a walkthrough of the proces to get these aligned? I am starting to get more and more requests from customers for alignment.

    Thanks in advance

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    2017-01-11 16:41:00 (Reply to:Chromotion)

         You cannot align a secondhand CAS 

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    2017-01-11 20:16:50 (Reply to:Chromotion)

     it can be done but not with autel tool you need autohex..

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    2017-01-13 08:03:04
     Thanks everyone. Inwas afraid that was going to be the answer

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    2017-01-17 17:04:19 (Reply to:Chromotion)

     Hey, Watch this you tube video. I think this bright african american guy successfully does a CAS alignment remotely and seems to turn into a white guy with another identity about 52-53 minutes into the video :-))

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    2017-03-23 22:11:28 (Reply to:witsend)

    They way the black guy did looks like you don't evan need key fob lol autohex bmw
    explorer or on the table not by this tool lol

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    2017-05-13 21:09:38 (Reply to:Chromotion)  maybe that video will help solve your CAS DME isssues, sandy

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    2018-03-03 07:41:02 (Reply to:Chromotion)

     Hey did you figure it out?

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    2023-08-10 23:53:13 (Reply to:upkar)

     to do CAS Alignment with Autel
    Hot Function
    Immo Key
    DME-CAS interface
    Reset start value (something like that)
    then just follow instruction. and done. start car .
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