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2008 Buick Enclave Lift Gate

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    2017-06-08 16:58:18

     I have a 2008 Buick Enclave and I replaced the lift gate motor and I am trying to calibrate/reprogram it with my Autel MaxiMini. I have had no success; has anyone dealt with this problem?

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    Kevin H

    2017-06-08 19:12:03 (Reply to:Paul)

     You need a Tech II. I checked the function viewer and it lists active test,read codes,erase codes,and live data for the liftgate.

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    2017-06-12 14:33:09 (Reply to:Kevin H)

     With the Tech II , under what module did you access the active tests for the lift gate so he can be sure he checked in the correct module?

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    Kevin H

    2017-06-13 23:52:40 (Reply to:witsend)

     Sorry Wits,
     Close the liftgate,clear any DTC`s, install the Tech II, navigate to the liftgate module,select module setup,select LGM open/close test and follow the on screen instructions.
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