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hummer H2, How do you get this on the scanners list to choose from?? to even use it

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    2020-07-04 01:13:32
     Purchased this unit brand new from Amazon Prime. Clearly states in AD Hummer H2 is covered.
    I can find Hummer H2 2003 on the Autel website yet no clue how to get this on the scanner to do an auto bleed on the ABS pump.  Can someone help???  Why can't this company just have a software list to download your vehcle  . It would be so much simpler and less frustrating. Just dealing with trying to get the thing to work as promised , hours and hours when what I want to do with it will only take minutes. No answers, it will be shipped back and Crap feedback posted.

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    2020-07-05 13:11:12 (Reply to:Onsitenc)

      Now what is this unit you are B@tchin about ? Inquiring minds would like to know. Did you call Autel Support ? Just because something like a $200 Maxi Checker can reads data offers special functions and resets on some makes and model vehicles, does not mean it's a full coverage tool for everything.
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