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Maxiscan Ms409 update problem

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    2020-12-17 15:53:00
     I have had this unit for a while and saw that you can update it.
    I did the first update .dat file and It seemed to go well.

    Then I did the .aut file. after some trouble, probely because I didnt understand how to do it at first, it connected and then seemed to do the update. 

    Now however when I turn the unit on it seems not have a proper menu, some seems to be maybe in german or spanish italian eg "Datos en vivo" ??

    Is there a way to start fresh, erase everything and do again, or what suggestions do you have.

    When it boots up it use to say version 1.18 I think now it does say V2.0.0<2

    Any help please.

    There I can see on heading which is alfa remao. I have tried again to do this but it seems confused 

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    2020-12-29 13:43:49 (Reply to:Dkkd)

     There should be an option in Setup to select language .
    Here is the webpage in USA that I came up with for the update download
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