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p0011 Audi A4 2009 - 2016 fuel pressure issues

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    2021-04-30 15:34:01
         New to the autel community and just bought the Autel 906ts scanner. I'm working on my 2009 AUDI A4 2.0t and having starting issues. I'm getting three codes p0011, p0300, p0302

    I bought the car not running because it had a broken intake cam. Changed it out set the timing and it fired right up. I checked the timing chain with cylinder one @ TDC, which lined up, checked the stretch on the chain, checked the timing chain tensioner. All was good so I didn't replace any timing components.

    New parts I installed 
    Coil packs with plugs 
    Cam position sensor 
    Can magnetic sensor 
    Cam spool valve/cam adjuster bolt 
    Fresh oil 

    Then I ran the car for 500 miles and then just dies and is giving me those three same codes. P0011, p0300, p0302 I found the cam adjuster bolt stuck along with the cam magnetic sensor. Checked the timing again; that was good then I opened the oil pan and found a plunged strainner. So I replaced the oil pickup tube along with 0w40 mobile one and filter, new cam adjuster bolt and cleaned out the cam magnetic sensor.

    Car cranks but does not start. Need some help with running test with my autel MS906ts scanner.
    How to check egr valve  , o2 sensor, fuel pressure, injectors, ping the cam sensors and read the oms?

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    2021-04-30 20:11:39

      which engine? 1.6 or 2.0 what kind of diagnostic system do you use
    normally you should see the fuel pressure in live data
    and why check fuel pressure with error code p0011 camshaft position?

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    2021-05-02 22:46:34 (Reply to:)
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