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IM508 failed to communicate with ECU & decode VIN

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    2021-06-26 13:14:01
     IM508 I am having problems with, so 3 cars in 2 days it has failed to to decode the VIN, a 2016 VW Caddy, a 2011 Ford Falcon & a 2001 Holden Barina. Bot the Barina & the Falcon also failed to communicate with ECU. Any ideas what the problems could 

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    rodney cozad

    2021-11-23 06:03:40 (Reply to:JeffBrown)

     Same issue here. 2009 gran marquis; 2011 taurus, 2108 titan pro 4x. No vin read and no diagnostics. says cable isnt connected  but it reads what  vehicle im in

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    Ross McLeod

    2022-03-19 09:11:05 (Reply to:JeffBrown)

    2001 Barina too old to be able to vin decode.
    Older cars just don't have the technology that later model cars have to be able to Vin decode.
    Use manual vehicle list for them.
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