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Finding a Competent locksmith nearby willing to cut a customer supplied Immobilizer key is an issue

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    2021-07-21 14:14:49
     All these guys seem to be willing to do now  is sell ,cut and clone one of their own ordered keys. Even though they are fully capable They won't cut any customer supplied Immobilizer key to be programmed by an auto technician,. I have an IM508 and XP400 ready and willing to program a customer supplied blade key that has already been cut, but running into resistance from the old school  locksmiths that have done actual mechanical blade cutting for me for years. Seems they aren't  satisfied with $10 for just cutting a mechanical key anymore.
      Guy I've known for years claims that folk buy cheap keys off Amazon that blanks don't cut right and mess up his cutting equipment, but the same guy is probably ordering his Cloner keys that come from China too.
       Anyone know someone competent  in Chicago area that will cut customer supplied car blade  keys with out a load of BS. Please pass on the information. Thanks

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    2021-07-28 18:40:07 (Reply to:witsend)     Buy one of theses.

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    2022-06-23 00:34:46

    Why isn't there a locksmith group?
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