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2011 chevy camaro 3.6 misfiring P000B P0014 P0024

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    2021-12-16 23:35:20
      having an issue troubleshooting this camaro.
    its a problem child at the moment here at the shop
    i just started a month ago and was put on this car to do phasers and one intake cam
    new chains and tensioners. 
    the car will run great and is drivable and will perform as it should
    for essentially no reason, the vehicle will start to missfire randomly on all cylinders
    the codes on the tittle are the codes that are always present even after clearing the DTCs
    when i do a code read for the current ignition cycle, the whole DTC list seems to appear
    one code.....well 2 that completely throw me off is a P0041 (i think thats the code) that states "heated oxygen sensor signals swapped banks 1 and 2 sensor 2"
    and the one that really throws me off U0101 "lost communications with TCM" ......its a manual BTW
    it seems to be trowing every single code in the book when i pull up the codes for the current ignition cycle
    i havent found a solid answer to this question and it might not even be related to this and might be normal, but the voltage seen bt the Module is 15.2-15.5v at idle and while driving. thats the only think i have really seen as off
    i did some research on this and some people say its normal, and others (like myself) think its a bit high
    pro demand says it will go up to those levels, but it should come down after a while. also, with the scanner i can see that its being commanded over 80% for the alternator.
    anyone else have this issue before? any help is greatly appreciated as i am stumped on this

    also the codes i described on the tittle are as follows

    P000B Exhaust camshaft position system slow response Bank 1

    P0014 Exhaust camshaft position system performance Bank 1

    P0024 Exhaust camshaft position system performance Bank 2

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    2022-05-23 10:25:39 (Reply to:)

    The alternator does sound too high,like maybe it has a bad diode and somebody
    programmed it higher because it should be about 14.7 V max @ 70%. Try bringing it
    down. It probably won' t cure your misfire though. Try a crank position relearn for that.

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    2022-05-23 11:06:40 (Reply to:)

    Correction the alternator should not be over 14.7V max@70%@1000rpm,also are you
    sure you have your cams timed right?if they are off even one tooth it can cause a
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