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Got a U2105

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    escortsaffair escortsaffair
    2022-02-05 12:04:32
      Got a U2105 code in this car. It will not clear. Able to connect to all modules, no loss of functionality in vehicle. However, I'm chasing an electrical issue, power steering drops out, trans gets stuck in low, and gauges drop out. Anyone have a similar experience? No other active codes until the intermittent issue arises, at which point numerous communication codes in multiple modules pop up.

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     I think you need to go try the Snapper-On Forum , and tell them what you got  going on in your OBD1 Furd Escort or whatever

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    Todd Guy

    2022-12-28 08:35:47

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    2022-12-30 14:46:54 (Reply to:escortsaffair escortsaffair)

    Hi, there are noumerous possibilytis like a faulty ecm, ecm harness is open or
    shorted,or a ecm poor circuit electrical connection.check for broken or bent, pushed
    out or corroded connector pins.

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    Integrated relay module

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    2023-12-11 17:28:28 (Reply to:escortsaffair escortsaffair)

    Hi, lost communications with ecm, check ground connection,check for poor electrical
    connection, check ecm itself.
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