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No communication

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    2022-02-19 14:33:55
     my maxisys ms906 bt/ts  no  communication issues with mitsubishi and some ford trucks esp. diesel also need more bidirectional controls for ford diesels to diagnose. last updates done 2/19/22. weird a tool i bought in 2017 won't talk to a 99 ford f450 7.3l diesel pcm my friends old snap-on went right in and talked to everything so i know it is my tool. Can anyone explain? please help.Thank you for any help in advance.  Should i just buy another tool? Autel just keeps telling me to do updates. 

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    2022-11-20 00:48:10 (Reply to:Dante)

    Did the VCI light up normally? Havecyou tried to communicate through OBD option?

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    2022-11-21 15:19:36 (Reply to:)

    Hi,reply from penders USA cars,you do not have to buy another Autel device, the
    problem really is your aged ford ,snap on was better in that time for american brands
    than Autel, these work good as of 2002 and up,so use your friends snap on device
    when. Your car needs help.

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    2022-12-23 00:24:14

    It could also have communication issues if you have a GPS installed prior to the DLC. You may also have a communication issue with your DLCs Communication Lines (CAN) etc.
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