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P0018 and P0019 fault codes - 2012 GMC Acadia 3.6L

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    2022-04-08 14:35:45
     Using MaxiCheck MX808:  Reading P0018 and P0019 cam sensor codes on 2012 GMC Acadia 3.6L.  Can the tool verify if the issue is the sensor or the timing chain?  

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    2022-04-08 23:18:51 (Reply to:)

     first thing is did you check the oil level    and is the oil clean.   if the oil is dirty  change  oil clear codes and road test  see if codes come back

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    2022-04-09 19:24:59 (Reply to:RLAFFECT)
     Thank you Rlaffect.  Oil level is correct.  Oil and filter always changed on time.  Recently changed oil (2 weeks ago), so oil is nice and clean.  Engine runs rough at idle and when accelerated.  I cleared all codes and these 2 are the ones that remain.  I don't want to tear into the engine unless I know for sure it is a chain issue.  Will the MX808 confirm this?
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