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03 Chevy Monte Carlo P0300

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    2022-05-08 04:14:02
    So I recently changed out 1 of the cylinder heads an double triple checked everything from gaskets to push rods an push rod locations. Put it all back together and its throwing random misfire code for cylinders 3-6 . Ive changed spark plugs, wires,coils, injectors. But when its hooked to my hptuners scanner and I shut off cylinders 3-6 injectors it don't change anything but the rest about kill the engine. I've probed wires heard injectors kick on. I was thinking new head was bad but its one cylinder on each head and I never touched back head except to retorque rockers. Idle it up to 1500rpm and it shows misfire going to 0s but it bogs down when hitting accelerator. Could it of jumped time or even stuck lifters or the valve stuck open????
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