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2010 Mini Cooper JCW R56 Airbag Light

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    2023-01-13 23:43:57
    Hello, I am a newbie. I am trying to fix my 2010 Mini Cooper R56 which has a Internal Control Unit Fault in the ACSM/MRS (SRS ECU). It randomly appeared after it sat outside in the winter for a couple months and hasn't gone away after trying to erase codes. The fault code is 0093D7 (ACSM/MRS, internal control unit fault. The control unit is made by Autoliv P#:3454345 (or) 3454346-01 (65.77). Thinking I can use EEPROM to reprogram it? I have an Autel IM608, JVCI, and a XP400 Flash Pro. I was wondering how I am able to extract the error contents as well as fix the fault. Thank you. 

    The lights that are active are the airbag and seatbelt.

    Any input is welcome.

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    2023-01-14 12:19:30 (Reply to:)

    Hi, the fault must be found in the negative connection on the battery there is a extra
    cable connected to it wich give this problem and as a result the airbag light stays
    on.that cable and connector must be changed for a new one than you can reset the
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