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P16a600 W461 g wagon

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    2023-01-31 01:00:37
    check engine light flashing and ADR light on Intermittently, W461 gwagon, this vehicle has no addblue system but P16A600 nitrogen level too high for 400 days code, any ideas?

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    2023-01-31 15:02:31 (Reply to:)

     Is that code not a consequence of another fault, that fault to me is basically in the last 400 days the emissions has exceeded the maximum, how old is the G wagon?

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    2023-01-31 16:06:14 (Reply to:)

    Hi,check the egr system if this car still has it ,there is a difference pressure ecm
    concerning the partical filter,it is a undefined code at the moment.
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