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Trying to get my platforms updated, but BMW, MINI, ETC. section keeps failing. what should i try to get these installed? I see BMW's frequently.

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    2023-01-31 03:41:02
    Orignially my scanner did not have enough memory. I got an SD card but that didn't help, I wound up having to perform a factory reset to update all the diagnostic programs. I did the reset, got everything except BMW and their affiliates downloaded. Every time I select them to download I get a "download failed" message. Please help!

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    2023-05-19 02:47:57 (Reply to:)

    Some issue with my MS906, any clue?

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    2023-09-27 13:03:49 (Reply to:Pablo)

    Same here

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    2023-09-30 12:49:24 (Reply to:)

    Hi, I think you need another scanner.

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    donyel Williamson

    2023-10-04 00:13:14

    Mine doing same
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