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Audi SQ5 adblue fault reset

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    2023-01-31 14:18:48

    I am new to Autel and use the MaxiDAS DS808 which i have been using on a 2017 audi sq5, it had a fault code for low adblue pressure quickly confirmed the adblue injector pipe was leaking near the injector at the exhaust. Replaced the hose and performed a road test no lights on, the customer has used the vehicle and the adblue count down has started. 

    Do i have any special reset procedures to do on these? i know on Mercedes-Benz they have a specific reset procedure for adblue faults and not just a code clearing exercise. Any advice on this would be great as i am still getting into it and at times find the machine a little bit hard work. 

    I am going out to the vehicle possibly tomorrow to check the fault memory again. Thanks  
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