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AL619 reprogram?

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    Jerry Thomas
    2023-02-02 01:06:46
     How can i reprogram my AL619?

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    Sowole Daniel

    2023-07-13 22:18:38 (Reply to:Jerry Thomas)

     Okay , send me its serial number and register password, and I will send you its new update file 

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    2024-04-26 21:46:11 (Reply to:Sowole Daniel)

     Hi I am sitting with the same issue. TF card was lost. I have a new one however the software is no longer available on Autel's website. Please can you send me the correct software. You'd b an incredible help, happy to pay! Email me at

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    Sowole Daniel

    2024-06-20 21:40:38 (Reply to:)

     okay check your mail

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    2024-06-21 09:09:14 (Reply to:Jerry Thomas)

    See you tube for instruction video exactly what to do when you lost the SD card.
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