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Subscription renewals...

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    2023-03-12 13:00:58
     I have a little bit of a gripe... I am have been a loyal Autel customer over 10 years now...started with DS708,then got the Maxysis Mini, then got the MS906BT, then a MS909, then a IM608pro....Spent thousands. I wish there was some form of incentive for customers that keep buying there products... I am not saying give me a free-bee but damn,some unit do not come with 2 year subs and other do and a coupon would be nice to ease the cost for software. They can see my product history on my account, nothing has ever been offered in relation to this matter.,.. kinda sucks...Anyone else feels this way... I mean a sale/rebate would be good for software....

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    2023-03-16 14:42:11 (Reply to:912guy)

    Hi they are only interested in your money, i should not complain about that, you can
    only grow as a busness firm when you have stricked dont ever think you get
    something for free from big firms despite what you bought in the past.
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