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Citroen Berlingo 2006 new key fob programming failed

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    2023-06-18 14:17:51
     Hello. After i added succesfully a new key with all key lost proccedure (on car), Autel guide tell me that the remote learn must be programmed manually. Autel does not have a "learn remote control" option for this model. 
    Now i have 2 keys:
    1-original one with separated transponder chip (start car and remote key funtion is normally).
    2-new key from aliexpres with integrated in circuit transponder (start the car but  REMOTE DONT WORK). With frequency tester is ok, 433mhz.
    I  tryed this procedure for manually programming:
    Turn ignition on , push and hold lock button for 10 sec, turn ignition off and wait 10 sec. 
    Nothing happens in my case. Is anything that i made wrong or is another procedure for this model of car?
    Both keys are ID46 Chip, 433mhz,SX9 blade with 2 buttons( lock button is bigger than unlock).
    Any solution to programm my new key?

    Thanks if anyone help me

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    2023-06-20 15:38:12 (Reply to:)

    Hi, just see you tube for instruction video on how to manually program the remote.
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