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Recovering from key programming error

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    Ahmed Ismail
    2023-07-07 08:23:27
    Adding a key to Alfa Romeo Giulia 2021 seemed to work ok (pin code extraction + key learning) and key worked. But immediately after process completion the RF Hub threw a B1042-42 DTC (General Memory Failure) that wouldn't go away (tried DTC clearing, battery disconnect, etc.)  Apparently there's a self-check that fails as a result of the programming and causes the RF Hub to throw the error once the car starts moving and hits 20km/h, then it stays on until battery is disconnected, but comes back on after moving again. The TPMS stops working as a result. This is very inconvenient. 

    Any clues what is the cause and how to fix? Device used was IM609. 
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