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IM508 + XP400 Pro doesn't read BMW EDC17CP02...

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    Piotr Mrula
    2023-07-22 11:49:33
    I am trying to read flash from engine controller from BMW.
    Wiring diagram says that i only need APA107 and external 12V to do it.
    But after 5% IM508 shows "Chip no answer".
    ECU is OK. It starts engine normally.
    I can read it with another device without any problem.
    Read ISN without any problem.
    Only my Autel doesnt want to read it.
    I tried to connect it to my laptop and use xp400 Pro with it but same "Chip no answer".
    IM508 doesnt read ECUs ???????

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    2023-07-29 14:47:49 (Reply to:Piotr Mrula)

    H, the im508 is designed especially for keys and remotes duplications, if another
    device can read your BMW without any problems ,you have already your answer that
    your 508 is not guite good enough for this job.
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