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I can,t scan Opel cars older 1997

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    2023-09-17 20:25:40
    AUTEL company

    I am Mr. Khaled Al Tarawneh and I have a problem with my device ( maxi pro mp 808ts) i am unable to inspect Opel and Daewoo cars of 1997 and older models (1996-1995 ....... etc..)

    When I do a car scan for Opel or Daewoo for 1997 or older models the scan cant complete

    Also The chassis number is not recognized and the device cant read it.

    I hope you can solve the problem, thank you very much

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    2023-09-19 18:44:07 (Reply to:)

    Hi, yes you need a older generation scanner that is capable to read cars that still are
    obd1 and early obd2 ,the reason with your scanner it can only read cars with eobd, that
    started in2001 and up.
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