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Kangoo ZE throttle Error

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    2023-09-22 16:17:11
     Hello, I have this Kangoo ZE that shows me at the ABS module this error code DTC518296 EVC miltuplex information plausibility No Signal.

    So far I couldnt find the exact dtc at google and Im struggling to get the Renault Service Manuals and DTC´s but not easy from South América.

    The only strange data I could recolect from Live Data is from the throttle voltage range. 

    It seems that when throttle is off and also when it is full pushed the voltage signale gets out of range. Pictures attached.

    I start considering the out of range voltage to be the responsable of generate the missinformation at the EVC.

    Some considerations?

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    2023-09-23 09:50:36 (Reply to:)

    Hi, DTC 518296 ( c18296) better ask a Renault dealer for explanation.

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    2023-09-23 16:10:28 (Reply to:)

    Hi,the DTC refers to the electric parking brake switch, check if this is working normally.
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