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    2023-10-26 00:46:41
    I cannot fix the tire pressures on a 2018 dodge 2500, have updated scanner any help?

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    2023-10-26 16:25:38 (Reply to:jessebean)

    Hi, check the tire pressure on the plaquet in the car and fill all the tires as instructed
    cold. Mostly than you have to drive for a while with speeds above 20 miles ,after a
    while the system will learn the new correct pressures. But if you change a tpms sensor
    for a new one you must have a tpms scanner device to learn it to your system. You
    have to get the car in learning mode on your dash.

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    2023-10-26 16:42:17 (Reply to:jessebean)

    Hi, does your car has a reset tpms button? If yes put on ignition to on, press and hold
    the reset until the reset pks light up nks three times than release it.start your car and
    wait for about twenty minutes for the system to refresh.

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