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Diag-asia can't install. Afyer I purchased the Lexus code package.

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    2023-11-06 23:42:41
     I have the ht200. And I have bought multiple car makers files. 

    Today I purchased the Lexus one.

    After purchase.  It tells me when trying to download the Lexus package.   I need diag-asia. In order to use it. 

    Well it is not on playstore and is incompatible. Is there a newer .apk  for android. 

    If not can I het a refund? .I used the email contact on the playstore and it returned as a bad email address. 

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    2024-01-14 16:54:19 (Reply to:xx)

    Hi,it sure is on the play store look again!

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    2024-01-16 03:25:46

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