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AutoAuth. Unlocking failed. The tool has no access. Please contact after-sales service

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    2023-11-08 11:53:43
     I work in Ukraine, I have two scanners from Autel - OTOFIX D1 Max and MaxiDAS DS808BT. Both scanners have an active subscription, both are updated regularly. I registered and paid for an account at Registered the serial numbers of the devices. But I can’t clear error codes on Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler cars after 2018. I always get a message - Unlocking failed. The tool has no access. Please contact after-sales service.
      I wrote to the AutoAuth support service, they replied that my profile was fine, they did not see scanner requests.
      I contacted a colleague from Belarus, he works with Launch scanners. He registered his profile and his scanners in the same way and has no problems gaining access through the SGW.
      My MaxiDAS DS808BT cannot open the AutoAuth page through the built-in browser!!!!!!!!!
      OTOFIX D1 Max opens the page with my profile in AutoAuth, but does not gain access to the SGW.
      Need help with SGW access. Perhaps someone had similar problems? Write how you resolved them! Did I make a mistake buying Autel, or should I have bought Launch?

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    2023-11-09 10:28:43 (Reply to:)

    Hi, do you have and use the 12_8 cable? This cable is needed by Chrysler products
    otherwise you can not get sgw access.your autel product is the best.

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    2023-11-16 14:38:47 (Reply to:)
     There is a cable. But I would like to use the functions built into the scanner. It is not very convenient to disassemble a car every time for simple work. From all the information available to me, I understand that the problem is somewhere at the registration stage in AUTEL. When connecting for the first time, the scanner asked to fill out a workshop profile. Which is what I did. Now this request has disappeared, but I did not receive access to the gateway.

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    2023-11-17 15:38:30 (Reply to:)

    Hi, do you have no troubles when using the 12+8 cable? This is what the Chrysler/fiat
    concern invented to protect their products and not giving access to the pcm anymore
    to just anybody with a scanner.

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    2023-11-18 14:17:27 (Reply to:)

    Youre not alone in this problem I previously had no issues clearing codes through my
    online account with autoauth and now after recent update I can't clear any codes with
    my scanner im608 , To program keys you always had to use 12+8 cable but never to
    clear codes, Autels recently and quietly has been removing a lot of the capabilities of
    of our tools and limiting the capabilities so they can make us buy other scanners to be
    able to do everything else so they don't want us to have a tool that can do it all, after
    their recent updates and sneaky tricks I'm considering going with different brand of

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    2023-11-18 16:07:12 (Reply to:)

    Hi, don't worry ,other brands plays the same tricks ,its all in the game they only want
    you to bay more expensive devices so you can do your work again for a while.we call
    this progressive development.
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