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KM100E stop working renew remotes by miniusb cables

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    Kacper Patrzykat
    2023-11-15 09:18:09
     Hi Friend

    Could you someone check his device. After last update (China Immo evironment) my miniusb cable stops working. I am unable to renew any remotes. I checked socket in device and also cable from socket to ends of wires. No breaks ,by multimeter circuit is ok. When I put unlock remote on screen on black and red wires is voltage 3v . So device generate signal correctly. But data and clk lines seems like dont receive signal to and from chip…. My xhorse key tool max can unlock this chips on same connection and pcb … where is the problem is it software problem after updates or something on autel pcb was denaged like relays resistors ??? 
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