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Autel maxiSys Ms906 Ts won't read vin or pcm engine codes 2007 Cadillac escalade

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    2023-11-17 00:21:48
    Dash goes hashwire I can punch in vin manually will scan just about everything except engine code I can scan with just about any cheap scanner except mine on 3 different 2007 Cadillac escalades I have code p0300 multiple misfire anyone had this issue and can let me know what is common worked fine got to work put in park started acting up

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    2023-11-17 10:40:17 (Reply to:)

    Hi, check the fuse box relays and wiring from it to engine ,they are known for
    mysterious troubles ,check the connections of the wiring and ground connections.

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    2023-11-17 22:07:00 (Reply to:)
    I can scan using any other scanner just not mine on 3 / 2007 Cadillac escalads will not
    pull vin auto have to manually input and will scan but not computer autel logged in
    couldn't figure it out still waiting for call back it makes no sence
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