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Newer updates for AL619

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    2023-11-28 18:13:42

    I purchased an AL619 a number of years ago and have tried to update it. I was able to update it using the Maxi sofware but it looks like the latest updates are from years ago, ranging from 2016-2020. Are there any updates for vehicles from the past few years? Specifically looking for Jeep/Chrysler. The latest updates for that seem to be 2018.


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    2023-11-28 19:23:36 (Reply to:MartyK)

    Hi,all the handhelds have free updates to modelyear2018, maybe next year it will get
    one more year.

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    2023-11-29 02:11:24 (Reply to:)
    When I bought it, it was advertised with free lifetime software updates and I still see it listed on the Autel site, no mention of it being discontinued or limited to 2018 or older vehicles. It only says "Compatible with domestic, Asian and European vehicles, 1996 and newer". Seems kind of disingenuous to sell a new scanner for vehicles at least 5 years old without mentioning that.

    I have also seen an "updated 2023 version" of the AL619 advertised on various websites (Including the Amazon Autel store)... 

    ... so there seems to be updated software somewhere. 
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