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need some assistance

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    2024-02-28 03:16:42
    2013 dodge grand caravan 3.6l . new heads ,gaskets, now always getting p0016,p0017,p0018,p0019. Says can and crank are syc. Can't keep engine light out

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    2024-02-28 14:12:50 (Reply to:)

    Hi, have you checked the connectors of the sensors and wiring? Also the correlation
    can also mean that this is a high mileage engine with worn out parts in this pentastar
    engine. Check the timing chain for stretching , check the clean condition of the oil.

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    2024-02-29 16:48:45 (Reply to:)

    Hi, probably the cams got shifted ,by the shifted .reluctar wheels.the only right solution
    is buying new cams
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