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2012 Nissan Altima programming a new key

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    john king
    2024-03-14 22:33:07
     Hi, I bought a new Nissan Key for this Altima and when I tried to program it it asking me for a pin. Ive erase the original key and  after I erase the key it takes me to a screen and on that screen is shoes two items. one is filled out key id and below that is ask for a pin. how do I get this PIN number?  above these two places it shows a 5523 number but if I use that as a PIN number it tell me its wrong. so how do I get the pin for this car?

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    2024-03-15 16:26:17 (Reply to:john king)

    Hi, normally you can get the pin code from the dealer after giving prove of ownership
    of the vehicle.
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