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IM508S failed to pull pin on a 2023 RAV4. any solution to do pin free?

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    Hevin Kumar
    2024-06-10 21:10:04
     tried to program a spare key to a 2023 Rav4. im508s would backup immo data. also tried to use the obdstar Toyota 27 cable with it but the cable itself wouldn't go into the immo box. had to buy PIN. Is 508s still unable to pull pin in new models or was i doing a mistake? the error i got was " THE CURRENT SMART ECU SOFTWARE VERSION NUMBER IS NOT SUPPORTED. any solution?

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    2024-06-11 13:35:08 (Reply to:Hevin Kumar)

    Hi, you already got the solution from your device, ecu software version is not
    supported in a
    508 maybe on a im608?

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    2024-06-22 08:35:09 (Reply to:Hevin Kumar)

    Hi, due to the fact this is number one stolen car in the world,Toyota build in protection
    making it harder to make or copy keys, smart key, etc. You have to bring it to a official
    Toyota dealer with proof of ownership to let them make a spare or complete set of
    keys for you.
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