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what could it be why I keep getting misfire codes on cyl 5,6,8 on 19 GLC 63 amg?

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    Ramon Rosario
    2024-06-19 00:47:14
    Hey guys have done new spark plugs, new coil packs, new hpfp's, and installed injectors on cylinders 5,6,8 and still getting misfires on my 19 benz GLC 63 amg with 75k miles. Can someone tell me what else could it be?

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    2024-06-19 13:05:17 (Reply to:Ramon Rosario)

    Hi, check for false air intake at the intake manifold seals, check for a weak valve
    spring, also try a higher grade gasoline, check the evap hoses for cracks,check egr ,are
    there more codes other the p0300 305 306 307 ?
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