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Autel Statement Regarding Legal Dispute with Ford

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    Autel Support
    2015-01-09 01:53:02
    First of all, we are thankful to the trust and concern for Autel from all of our customers. As Autel is growing bigger and our products are receiving more attention and trust, our rivals are constantly putting pressures on us   through a variety of ways, in order to monopolize the market, which we consider as normal commercial competition means.

    Currently, Autel Company does have some legal disputes with Ford Company. Facing Ford’s prosecution and groundless accusations, Autel has already hired professional lawyers to defend the suit actively and we have confidence in handling this dispute. Meanwhile, we assure that the lawsuit will not affect any of the functionality of our products and upgrade services. Customers can rest assured when using our products. 

    There might be some issues that failed to deal with timely during the software updates. Please contact our technical support engineers to solve the problems.

    Autel adheres to the principle of “Quality First” and we will continue providing better products and services to our customers.

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    2015-01-11 18:56:36 (Reply to:Autel Support)

    2015-01-08 18:58:03 (Reply to:support) Thank you for taking the time to look into this
    issue. the function that was removed is called ( programming/customization) under
    programming/costomization we had the following options, programmable module
    instalation and programmable parameters the vehicles covered that i found after
    reviewing again are as followed. ford escape,ford focus,ford fusion,ford taurus,ford
    500,ford explorer,ford f150,mercury sables, mercury grand marquis,lincoln mark
    lt,mazda tribute,mazda mpv,mazda-3,mazda-5,mazda rx-8,mazda cx-7,mazda cx-9
    and i am sure there are more. ( PROGRAMMING/CUSTOMIZATION) FORD VERSION 3.0
    JULY 2014 THANK YOU.

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    Autel Support
    2015-01-12 03:10:19 (Reply to:ede65)
     Dear Ede,  Ford engineers already analysed Ford software over these days, below is their explanation:
    1. When accessing Ford latest version V4.12, we really don't see Programming/Customization menu in the function interface. In fact, Service and Programming/Customization is one kind of shortcut to diagnostic special functions. Programming functions are not reduced, you can still do this from Diagnosis--Control Unit--corresponding system--Special Functions.
    2.Since the current released module programming is not developed completely and has some car locate issue, we are now re-developing module programming related functions. The new released module programming will be able to locate cars more accurately and cover more cars, which will be presented in V5.00 that is going to release in about 1 week.
    3.New module programming will keep using Programming/Customization menu---after access, it will re-gain the required module information of the diagnostic car); meanwhile, the old method module programming will be kept---test path is Diagnosis--Control Unit--corresponding system--Special Function.
    4. V5.00 will add module programming of most pre 2007 models. Our engineers are adding this for the rest cars, and we will try to finish this within 2015.

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    2015-01-12 10:22:43 (Reply to:Autel Support)

    Thank you, we look forward to the new improved feature.

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    2015-03-20 10:25:41 (Reply to:ede65)

     Why Ford keep trying to fuk people up. When they try to take down Toyota T100 and fail. In the end Ford got fuk by Toyota sue them back for Lincoln LS. I can't understand , just like Apple want Samsung off the market.

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    2015-05-21 09:14:16 (Reply to:Autel Support)

      How long is the legal case expected to be kicked down the road, continued , or appealed before an outcome or some sort of  judgement or binding Arbitration occurs ? So far, Other than the factory logos being removed for fear other manufacturers could join the Frey and turn some embarrassing little turd floating in a lawyer's swimming pool to a BS Class Action Sewage Processing Plant.That's why it costs so much to make stuff in the USA anymore. Product Liability Lawyers and Ambulance Chasers is all we make in The USA. It's so bad that, if a  Suicide bomber dies to have one nun waiting for him  at the gate with a baseball bat and takes his lumps but then see 71 more  of them  standing there in 2 lines forming a gauntlet before he even gets to hear what the judge has got to say.  If things don't transpire well Support,please if you get wind of mandatory downgrading please give us a heads up when to disconnect our tools from the internet before we get a wave of court ordered automatic downgrades done to all  the tools out there without us even knowing . Thanks, I hope it never happens, ( or isn't happening already?).

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    Erik Autel US

    2015-06-03 19:44:39 (Reply to:witsend)

    Hi Witsend,

    We have no cease and desist letter to take away any functions. From our management, there is nothing to worry about. However issue arises when updates come out. Sometimes it get better or it gets worse. We as, Tech Support, will help you out. Any issues, please email me.

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    2016-10-06 15:27:56 (Reply to:Autel Support)

     What is the story on updates now? I am afraid to update my scanner due to losing the Ford testing capability. I do not think it is right to have paid so much for a scanner then to have the software backed out while updating. I paid specifically for the Ford capabilities. I could have bought a much less expensive scanner in this case. 

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    2016-10-11 14:17:07 (Reply to:fawalte)

     I think creating versions  of backup software (preferably with a Cloning program )while the scanner is still within it's update period is cheap insurance . It would be nice on Maxi Sys boot up to have the option to select to run off the scan folder with the latest software internally or older version Scan folder on the SD card.

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    2017-10-08 07:40:27 (Reply to:Autel Support)

      thats interesting its now 2017 and we still dont have the functionality we were promised at the time we handed our money over to you how about a partial refund for services most of us were denied. at the very least we should be able to aquire a back up flash card to fix our systems when your updates brick our units as is the case with my now expired maxysy mini.
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