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MaxiDAS DS708 Discontinue Notification

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    Autel Support
    2015-02-26 03:25:12
    Dear Customers, 
    DS708 will be discontinued on 2016, however we still sell it in 2015. And we will continue to provide the software update for 5 more years during 2016 - 2020 and hardware service for 2 more years during 2016 - 2017.

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    2015-03-04 20:19:32

    dislike.  theres nothing really wrong with it as a tool for an oil bay or things the bossmans so stuff cant do.  Keep it around, make it a little cheaper, mechanics on a budget will use it.  There is a big gap inbetween the 908 and the lesser of the 708 to fill.

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    2015-04-22 20:35:21 (Reply to:Autel Support)

     i support the discontinue in manufacturing ds708 ,this will give room for the latest version to move in market(MAXISYS)But i will want

      the management of autel to give room for customers who are using ds708 to continue to pay for updating after 2020 by equating the ds708

       to the likes of maxisys,by making payyment for any other requirements that will elevate this ds708 to the maxisys

    This i think will not let ds708 to be totally obsolete from use and moreso it will not be loss on the autel manufacturer because its not gurantee or not sure of selling the ds708 off market in just 5 years.

    thjis is my suggestion

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    2015-08-11 11:07:09

     Hello, my DS708 started showing a picture to insert memory card.
     I remove and put it back and nothing happens.
     Please help!

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    Autel Support
    2015-08-14 04:12:38 (Reply to:venon28)
     Hi, you can try to copy software to another new SD card and try to restart the tool. It might be card issue. If changing the card doesn't work, it might be hardware issue of the card slot in DS708.

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    2016-11-05 11:34:40 (Reply to:Autel Support)

     what do u mean by hardware service for 2 more years during 2016-2017 ?
    My scanner showing that tester is not communicating with control unite ?
    Have any solution or i need purchase another one ?
    DS708, Serial: DS026Q016600 

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    David Benz Ng

    2020-08-09 18:57:47 (Reply to:Autel Support)

     Dear Autel Support,
    Good day, I want to get update software for my DS708 but no Buy update on my device Tab. Kindly direct on what to do. It is a very special device. Thanks.

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    2024-05-10 23:00:25 (Reply to:Autel Support)

    quiro activarcion numero serial DS7GMCC01026

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    2024-05-14 16:47:50 (Reply to:)

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