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How to Update TS501,TS601, AL609, AL619, MST505, MOT PRO, MaxiDiag Elite, and MaxiCheck series

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    Autel Support
    2016-01-12 05:57:34
     Update instructions for TS501,TS601, AL609, AL619, MST505, MOT PRO, MaxiDiag Elite, and MaxiCheck series 

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    2016-07-08 13:13:29 (Reply to:Autel Support)

     When I click on Software update Instructions.pdf, the .pdf file does not open for me.

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    2016-08-11 20:39:52 (Reply to:dave)

    Click on it and use Save Target As to download the pdf, then open it


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    2017-05-18 21:28:38

     I downloaded latest PC Suite for AL619 and already install it, but it alway say, "Can't connect to Server" although I have internet connection and able to Log-in to Autel website. Is this because no Update yet required for this model? Thanks for any respond.

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    2017-07-28 00:06:16 (Reply to:Autel Support)

     I just bought a 619, and it tells me that there is an update available.  I click on the update (V4.65, but there are 2 others that also fail), and it gets to 58% of the install, then stops and shows "Install Failed" in the status box.  How do I fix this?

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    2018-01-19 04:19:01

     I cannot connect to the servers with my al619, did u figure out this issue?

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    2021-01-28 04:53:46 (Reply to:Autel Support)

      .pdf :"file no exist"

    Hi, i tried to update my AL419, with the maxilink2 v1.06.
    I updated well the program section, it was confirmed by the item but i forgot to update the dtc's at the same time, before rebooting.
    Yeah i know, i did it fast so i didn t care the advice to update both BEFORE rebooting.
    So now the result is the device isn t recognized now as AL419, and more worry, there s no more indications on the screen, witch turn on good.
    So is anyone have a solution to fix that issue, is there a thing to do to cancel this bad update and come back to a good feature?Thx

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    2021-06-20 01:03:29 (Reply to:Autel Support)

    Bonjour, je viens d'acheter un MP808TS mais quand j'appuie sur "diagnostic" il n'y a
    pas les différentes marques de véhicules,même avec les mise à jour...comment faire
    pour avoir les marques? Et ça ne reconnaît pas les véhicules même en entrant
    manuellement le VIN..merci de votre reponse

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    2021-08-26 00:41:43


    I need help to connect to update my mx808 with maxisuit.
    It can't detect it ! How do i proceed ?


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    Haadi Ali

    2021-12-16 03:03:27 (Reply to:Autel Support)

     Can someone please provide me with the process of updating my Autel AL619. I have tried updating it through the software suggested and it is not working. Is there a different way. Please do let me know. Thank you!
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