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How to register the tool on Autel official website ?

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    Autel Support
    2022-07-13 03:48:09

    How to register the tool on Autel official website ?

    l   Visit the website

    l   Sign in with the Autel ID and password.

    l   Go to "Product Registration" to register Autel tools.

    l   Enter serial number of tool and register password, then click Submit button.

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    2022-10-22 06:55:23 (Reply to:Autel Support)

     I just bought a mk808kb from ebay but its already registered  I need to transfer the S/N to my ID need your help please. My tool number is VB7GM2C02100  ID

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    David Leavitt

    2022-12-20 00:23:40 (Reply to:Autel Support)

     I purchased an Autel AL519 there is no register password just the serial # how can i register it

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     I'm having the same issue. No password

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    Nicholas Scovill

    2023-02-11 02:34:06 (Reply to:atomico22)

     Did you get the issue resolved? I have received a tool from a shop I deal with and am having the same issues 

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    Matthew Gabiou

    2023-02-25 02:44:33

     On my new MD806 Pro it was on the device in settings, about. There is a number in there that is the register password. 

    I had to come to the forums to find out as well and why the website doesn't tell you this while registering is ridiculous. 

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    Justin Doran

    2023-04-17 10:26:51 (Reply to:David Leavitt)

     Hi David, I have the same problem, did you reslove the issue. I have just bought my 539.

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    wayne ballinger

    2023-04-26 00:30:48 (Reply to:Autel Support)

     What is "register password" in Product Registration? and why hasn't anyone answered the requests for the same?  B.S.

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     Plug your tester into your computer.  Go "about" hit enter and the password is shown under the serial number.  Ought to have directions on the registration page!!!!!
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